Cape Town Legacy ITC - RESULTS

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Cape Town Legacy ITC - RESULTS

Postby Brindley U » Wed Jan 29, 2020 2:15 pm

Congratulations to all for their support on what was an exceptionally successful tournament.

35 Players made it the biggest 2-day Tournament Cape Town has seen since the legendary Nationals at the end of 5th edition.


Nathan Levers for all scout hall help.
Pete Van Dyk for flying in from Jozi to do the judging,
Nigel at Battle Bunker for the majority of tables, trestles and terrain,
Ryan and Niz from Pandemonium for another big bunch of tables and masses of terrain.
Mitch, Bernie and Anthony (via Sword and Board) for additional terrain.

Kyle Hagues for the truck to get the stuff there,
Matthew Myburg for the bakkie to get the stuff back from there and other's that contributed to taking stuff back.

Also thanks to Stone Circle Brewery (give them an add on Insta and FB) for their very generous donation of the Warhammer 40Keg of "Ale of Champions" - currently on tap at Stone Circle in Wembley Square.

As well as the 5 Jozi players that made the trip to CT to take part in our favourite hobby.


The tournament ran very smoothly, and the chess clocks in play were received exceptionally positively.

The vast majority of players ran fully WYSIWYG and Painted and based armies.
There were little to no rules issues aside from occasional queries clarified by the roaming head judge and there was, on the whole, a very pleasant and good gaming environment- especially at the top tables.

The field had an understandable marine bias, but in the end saw only 3 marine armies in the top 10. (Not including the IG/BA/WS mix list).

An early draw from two incredibly strong contenders saw the field open up a little bit, and then saw even more option for opening in game 4 when table 2 (with two unbeaten players) also went to a draw - leaving 3 players going in to game 5 with 3wins and a draw, and only one with 4 wins.

In the end though, the preparation of Sakkie Basson and his Alpha Legion/Chaos Knights saw him take a comfortable win over the Raven Guard in the final.

Well played, all.


1: Sakkie Basson - Chaos (AL/Knights) - 4-1-0
2: Ashley Clutten - Imperium (IG/BA/WS) - 4-1-0
3: Kyle Hagues - Tau - 4-1-0
4: Giles Embleton - IH - 4-0-1
5: Henning Eksteen - Drukhari- 4-0-1
6: Brindley Uytenbogaardt - RG - 4-0-1
7: Murray Knox - Drukhari - 3-0-2
8: Gregg Barlow -Adeptus Custodes- 3-0-2
9: Richard Higgins -IH- 3-0-2
10: Jonathan De Waal -Imperium (IG/Assasssins)- 3-0-2
11: Anthony Berinato- SW- 3-0-2
12: Aidan Urquhart -Imperium (Knights/Admech?)- 3-0-2
13: Justin Botes - IH - 3-0-2
14: Janak Morar - Adeptus Sororitas - 3-0-2
15: Robert Macnamara - Ultramarines - 3-0-2
Brindley U
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Re: Cape Town Legacy ITC - RESULTS

Postby Henning.2 » Thu Jan 30, 2020 9:54 am

Awesome tourney!!! Thank you to everyone who contributed especially Brin for travelling all the way from China to bring us Brincon2020 and all the amazing prizes!

I'd like to thank all my opponents for great games. They were all challenging and fun. Big ups to Pete who was a very good judge.

Congrats to Sakkie, Ashley and Kyle for going undefeated. Also to Ashley(Matthew) for winning the Table prize. Well done guys.
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