Free Mantic Games Warpath Rulebooks

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Free Mantic Games Warpath Rulebooks

Postby geekgrrrl » Sun Jun 17, 2018 4:22 pm

So, taking a cue from Warlord Games' free rulebook giveaway a week or so back, Mantic is following suit this week, making their full Warpath: Deadzone and Warpath: Firefight rules available for free. Matic publishes Kings of War, and Warpath is their Not!40k Scifi universe. If for no other reason than that they have squats and space-skaven, the game is worth a look.

Most of Mantic's rulesets are free by default, but most of the Warpath books have been an exception to that rule, so grab 'em while they're going.

Free Mantic Rulesets
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