Eastern Cape Wargaming clubs

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Eastern Cape Wargaming clubs

Postby Vann Harl » Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:53 am

Generals, warband leaders, conquerors, rogues and honourable knights…

kindred and I are revitalising the Eastern Cape war games "society". We invite all current and future war gamers, that live in the Eastern Cape and are interested in Wargaming to contact us and pledge your forces and unite our scattered groups along the wild coast (hey even the garden route!) :D

We hope to provide a point of contact for planning and organising regional, social and competitive games, grow the hobby in the Eastern Cape and connect players from the various groups that are out there. Over the next couple months we will grow a data base of players in the EC so that groups can invite new players to join them in their area or perhaps reconnect neighbouring clubs. Although this is a forum for warhammer we are also looking to include other genres and rule sets.

So feel free to pm either of us or contact us via our soon to be established email club link on the home page of Warhammer Generals.

A huge bow of appreciation to Jonathan for separating us from the ‘Cape Clubs’ forum so our fledgling efforts don’t get drowned out!
Visit the Eastern Cape Warlords - Wargaming Club at

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Re: Eastern Cape Wargaming clubs

Postby DaImp » Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:01 pm

It's a pleasure guys! (and thanks for the reminder about the link!) :D
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