NATS BOOT CAMP-Warmahordes Cape Town 01/04/2017

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NATS BOOT CAMP-Warmahordes Cape Town 01/04/2017

Postby The Warsmith » Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:43 am

Lok Tar Augar! :twisted:

Nats is almost upon us dear friends, so we invite one and all for one last sneak tournament on the 1st of April.

Yes it's APRIL FOOLS! . . . but seriously there is a tournament, don't miss it. :mrgreen:

All required information in the handy rulespack attached.

Come one come all, and bring your most broken lists! The Honor the Cape is at stake!

War Callls!

Will you Answer! :twisted: :twisted:
STEAM ROLLER April 2017.docx
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