Icon Malifaux Tournament 16th June 2017

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Icon Malifaux Tournament 16th June 2017

Postby Flabdox » Mon May 22, 2017 11:49 am

50ss Icon Malifaux Tournament 2017

• 50ss fixed faction
• Gaining Grounds 2017
• Fully painted crews only
• No proxies permitted
• 2 hours per round
• Start time for each round will be strictly adhered to; if players are late they will get less time to complete the current round

• 16th June at Gallagher Convention Centre
• Entry fee R50
• Registration begins at 09h00
• First round starts at 09h40

• Round 1 (09h40 – 11h40) Interference with Flank Deployment
o Claim Jump
o Accusation
o Frame for Murder
o Hidden Trap
o Tail ‘Em

• Round 2 (12h30 – 14h30) Guard the Stash with Standard Deployment
o Claim Jump
o Dig their Graves
o Leave your Mark
o Show of Force
o A Quick Murder

• Round 3(14h45 – 16h45) Stake a Claim with Corner Deployment
o Claim Jump
o Eliminate the Leadership
o Frame for Murder
o Undercover Entourage
o Hunting Party

Contact me at flabdox@gmail.com if you are interested in attending.
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