Warcon - 2 Sept - JHB - Malifaux

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Warcon - 2 Sept - JHB - Malifaux

Postby The italian job » Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:40 am


Welcome one and all to our inaugural Malifaux grudge match – Mano X Mano – the tournament with a twist where YOU choose who to beat the snot out of!
In this arena of rivalry, all bets are off and even loyalty to faction is put aside in the name of settling old scores.
So bring all your favorite foes and just remember – they have it coming!
The Rules
× This time its personal: You may only field one Master.
× Loyalties aside: Masters that are able to may switch factions between games.
× Revenge is sweet: You must choose your own opponent in the first round.
× Business as usual: other that that, this is a 50ss tournament with 3x 2h games.
Round 1
Standard Deployment, Collect the Bounty
• Claim Jump
• Frame for Murder
• Dig their Graves
• Recover Evidence
•Tail ‘Em
Round 2
Flank Deployment, Guard the Stash
• Claim Jump
• Leave your Mark
• Covert Breakthrough
• Undercover Entourage
• Inspection
Round 3
Close Deployment, Headhunter
• Claim Jump
• Eliminate the Leadership
• Hunting Party
• A Quick Murder
• Last Stand
Cost: R100 per player
There'll be some great prizes up for grabs courtesy of Pandemonium Games, so make sure you bring your A-game!
See you on the other side!
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