26/05/2018 - Geek Home PTA - 40k - War for Alaric

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26/05/2018 - Geek Home PTA - 40k - War for Alaric

Postby Daenerion » Mon May 07, 2018 2:42 pm

When: 26th of May 2018

Where: The new Geek Home Store at the Waterglen Shopping Center in Pretoria. (January Masilela Dr, Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria, 0010)

Registration: Pre-bookings for the day can be made with Daniele Montalbano on 0839373948. Registration on the day begins at 08:15 sharp and will cost R100.

Rules: A rules pack for the event will be provided tomorrow at the latest!

War for Alaric” Tournament Rules Pack: 26th May 2018

1. Necessary Items:
1.1. Players must bring with them their own dice, measuring tape and anything else they may require to play on the day.
1.2. Players must have with them a digital or physical copy of the Codex for their army on the day of play.
1.3. Players must provide two copies of their army sheets. One copy to submit on registration and another to display to their opponents during the tournament.
1.4. Players must bring at least 3 numbered objective markers.
1.5. R100 entrance fee will be charged for all participants in the tournament.
1.6. A deck of Tactical Objectives cards that can be bought separately or be found on pages 226 to 229 of
the Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Rule book.

2. Army Lists:
2.1. Players must have built an 8th Edition Warhammer 40k list using the rules stipulated within their codex
and the subsequent FAQs since the release of their codex. These lists need to be of a point value of 2000. No lists of more than 2000 points will be allowed.

3. Modelling Requirements:
3.1. Conversions are permitted as are models from other companies provided that they are a reasonable
representation of the model that they purport to be (e.g. representing undead cultists using zombies from a
generic modelling company). If the conversion or other model may lead to confusion as to what is
represented or if it is dissonant from what it is intended to represent, it will not be permitted (e.g. using
zombie models to represent Space Marines).
3.2. WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) is not enforced. However, the equipment on models must
be clearly indicated to opponents. When equipment is proxied, it must be done consistently and there should be no chance for confusion (e.g. stating that all meltaguns and multimeltas are gravguns and grav cannons). If possible, make an effort to make models as WYSIWYG as possible to avoid any confusion.
3.3. Models must be fully assembled. Models should preferably be painted but will not be penalised if
3.4. When you have a conversion or other model and you are uncertain if it will be permitted, you are
encouraged to enquire beforehand with the TO or Judge.
3.5. Models must be on appropriately sized and shaped bases. Where a model or unit is normally packaged
with a specific base size, that base size must be used (e.g. Space Marines with Power Armour equipped must be on circular bases with a diameter of 25mm or newer 32mm while Space Marines with Terminator
Armour must be on circular bases with a diameter of 40mm).
3.6. Forgeworld models are permitted at the tournament, but if a model is a proxy or conversion, the model must be identical to the model it is supposedly a proxy for.

4. Rules Disputes:
4.1. When an uncertainty arises or a dispute arises on the rules of the game or the tournament, the players
are encouraged to ask the Judge’s guidance. Where a dispute arises that the players cannot resolve
themselves, the players must consult with the Judge. The Judge’s decision on any rule interpretation is final.
4.2. If you intended to use a model or unit in a particular way and you foresee that there may be a dispute,
you are encouraged to enquire beforehand with the TO or Judge.
4.3. If a player is found to have deliberately misrepresented any rules to his opponent, or disregarded a TO
or Judge’s ruling, that player may be disqualified from the tournament by the TO or Judge.

5. Time Limits:
5.1. For each mission in this pack a deployment time of 15 minutes is given to the players, if players do not
finish deploying their units within the allotted 15 minutes, all units not deployed, in reserves or in deepstrike will be considered destroyed.
5.2. Each mission will be given 3 hours to complete including the 15 minutes of deployment time.
5.3. Turns will be timed at 15 minutes, this includes movement, psykic and shooting phases. So be clever
with the way you move and use models as time is not your friend. Once your 15 minutes are over it will be

Thank you to Casper at Geek Home for hosting this event and to the continued support of the 40k community.


The drums of War beat relentlessly across the galaxy, the Imperium burns as dozens of worlds are put to the torch or catured by the Xeno, the Heretic and the Mutant. Mankind stands on the brink of Annihilation. Yet the Imperium's citizens cling to hope, their armies are yet mighty and vast. Their ranks bolstered not only with the ranks of the vaunted Astartes of the ancient legions, but with a new breed of Astartes, taller, strong, smarter and faster than their older brothers, these new Astartes bring new life and strength to a crumbling Imperium. Even a son of the Immortal Emperor has returned to lead them, Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the 13th Legion and Lord Commander of the Imperium.


Even with the fires of hope rekindled in the hearts of all its citizens, the Imperium faces horrors of unimaginable power. The Ancient Enemy, Chaos, its armies of Heretics and Daemons without number, pours forth from the Cicatrix Maledictum. These armies are no longer simply led by the Heretic Astartes of old, but by the very Traitor Sons of the Emperor, the Chaos Primarch.

The Ork Horde, fed by the bloodshed of an entire galaxy, once again multiplies and prepares for WAAARRRGGHH! Warbosses gather, clash and build their mighty armies and prepare them for battle. Their numbers seem endless, yet, they have been defeated in the past... will they be beaten again?

The Aeldari, elegant and serene in their knowledge and prowess prepare for the coming threat, they have weathered the near extinction of their species, they will weather this storm. However, even a mighty mountain can be brought low by the relentless crashing of waves...

Even the Drukhari, muster their strength and bolster their defences, but these defences need to be built and manned. They strike out, stealing what they can and enslaving those they do not kill. However, how many times can they raid their supposed "lessers" before they strike back.

An ancient enemy awakens, its long sleep, finally broken. It awakens to a galaxy aflame with the fires of war. The Necrons find the vast empire of their ancient enemy, the Aeldari, destroyed, only a few bastions of their wretched enemy remain. The Orks, once united by the guidance of the Old Ones, are directionless and mindless in their slaughter of millions. Now appears the time for the Necrons to arise and retake their ancient empire. However, an upstart species, with a supposed immortal Emperor as its leader stands in their way, will the Necrons retake their ancient birthright? Or will they be dashed to pieces against the rocks of history?

The Tau, ready to colonise and unite the galaxy under the Greater Good, prepare for expansion, their people are brave and face the great unknown of the wider galaxy with determination and strength. Yet their enigmatic masters do not tell them the whole truth. The enemies they face in the galaxy are more numerous than they could ever imagine...

Even as these children of the Milky Way fight among themselves, as they rip and tear at each other in the hopes of becoming the true masters of the galaxy, a hunger surrounds the galaxy. A hunger so powerful and all consuming that a trillion mouths are not enough to sate it. It looks at what it sees as nothing more than prey and calculates... It will make its move sooner than the prey creatures think...
War for Alaric.pdf
Final Tournament Pack
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