Icon Necromunda 2018 - Friday 29 June

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Icon Necromunda 2018 - Friday 29 June

Postby Labrat » Thu May 24, 2018 3:18 pm


R50 and a firm understanding of the rules.


Opens 10:00 closes at 10:30. There will be limited space so first come first served.


As to the rules, for the first Round, a 1000pnt starting Gang is required.
This will be a “Sector Mechanicus” I.E 3D style 40k scenery event.
Only official GW published Gangs and expansions will be allowed.
Miniatures weapons must be WYSIWYG apart from holstered/concealed weapons and grenades.
Gangs must be painted to a tabletop standard. Any unpainted/unfinished gangers will be removed from play.
This will be a 3 round event with a custom levelling up sessions between each round. 12xp and 80 credits will be given to you to distribute as you see fit: to buy new fighters or gear. Treat Rare Items as common for the purpose of this custom levelling session. Hired guns and Hangers-on will NOT be used at this event.
Also a note on “Lasting Injuries”, 61-66 will be rerolled and “Going into Recovery” is ignored.
Scenarios will be announced only at the event itself and a Tactics card deck of no more than 10 cards may be used. The tactics cards must obey the standard. Keep in mind when choosing cards that this is a Sector Mechanicus event.


Any Questions can be directed to liam.fishwick@gmail.com. Feel free to mail me your cell number so I can add you to the Whatsapp group.

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His name is Liam Fishwick
His name is Liam Fishwick
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