Icon 2018 Mailfaux Tournament

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Icon 2018 Mailfaux Tournament

Postby Flabdox » Tue Jun 05, 2018 1:35 pm

• 50ss fixed faction
• Gaining Grounds 2018
• 2 hours per round

• 1st July at Emperors Palace
• R50 entry fee
• Registration starts at 09h00
• First round starts at 10h00

• Round 1 Symbols of Authority with Standard Deployment
o Punish the Weak
o Dig Their Graves
o Show of Force
o Take One for the Team
o Public Demonstration

• Round 2 Ply for Information with Corner Deployment
o Surround Them
o Covert Breakthrough
o Vendetta
o Hold Up Their Forces
o Recover Evidence

• Round 3 Public Executions with Flank Deployment
o Eliminate the Leadership
o Set Up
o Search the Ruins
o Undercover Entourage
o Take Prisoner

Contact me at flabdox@gmail.com if you require more information.

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