Bunker con Kill Team Tournament 4th November 2018. Cape Town

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Bunker con Kill Team Tournament 4th November 2018. Cape Town

Postby Dirty Rat » Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:56 pm

The Battle Bunker Tygervalley will be hosting Bunker Con at the Tygervalley Shopping Centre Food Court arena on the 2/3/4th November 2018.

As part of this Convention we will be hosting a Kill Team tournament on Sunday the 4th November.

Kill Team Tournament.

Venue. Tygervalley Food Court Arena. Bellville. Cape Town.


Roll call 9.30 am.
Start 10.00 am

5 games

Kill Team Tournament. Entrance will be R100.
All proceeds will be used for prize support.

1st place will receive a new GW. Kill Team Commanders.
2nd and 3rd will receive a single Kill Team Commander of their choice.
Their will also be a random prize dependent on numbers attending.

Each player will have to submit a 100 pt roster.
Teams will reset after each game. There will be no gaining experience.
There will be 5 missions.

Mission.1. Sweep and Clear
Mission 2. Feint.
Mission 3. Ambush
Mission 4.Take Prisoners.
mission 5. Disrupt supply.

Each game will be given 1 hour to set up and play.
3 pts for a win.
1 pt for a draw
0 pts loss.

We will be using a Swiss scoring system based on strength of schedule

Any queries please contact me 0219149121.
It begins.
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