In to the Fray Necromund Tournament When: 25 November, 2018

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In to the Fray Necromund Tournament When: 25 November, 2018

Postby Labrat » Mon Nov 05, 2018 11:52 am

In to the Fray Necromunda Team Tournament

25 November, 2018 from 09:30
The tournament takes place at the Roosevelt Park Bowls Club at number 51 Milner Avenue, in Roosevelt Park, Northcliff.
How Much?:
The tournament entrance fee will be R200 for the weekend (there will be multiple events over the whole weekend), or R100 for a single day's entrance. Entrance monies go towards prize support and making the event enjoyable for you all.
Some great gear will be up for grabs as prize-support for the tournament, both for the top spots and on lucky draw.
All participants will receive something neat, so you won't go away empty-handed!
What you need:
You will need to bring your own Miniatures (requirements below), the relevant rules (either hard copy or digital), a hard copy of your tactical card deck (restrictions below, two printed copies of your list, preferably using as your team builder, measuring equipment and dice.
What are the rules:
This tournament will be using the rules for a one-day event found on page 23 gangwar 4. Ie the 1250 credit gang.
Only official GW published Gangs and expansions will be allowed.
Miniatures weapons must be WYSIWYG apart from holstered/concealed weapons and grenades.
Gangs must be painted to a table top standard (minimum of 3 colours, and a show of effort). Any unpainted/unfinished gangers will be removed from play. Proxies will be allowed for hangers-on and/or pets that haven’t got miniatures yet, but proxies must be reasonable and clear. Ie using a squig as a sump crock or Kastelan Robots as a Van Saar Archni-Rig. I don’t want any GW trees as proxies.
This will be a “Sector Mechanicus” I.E 3D style 40k scenery event.
When making a deck of Tactics cards, players are restricted to only one copy of each card, IE you can’t have 2 CLICK cards, and the decks must consist of 10 cards, chosen from what’s available to your house. IE no Van Saar cards in a Goliath Gangs deck, generic cards are allowed by all. Also, the “Dangerous Footing” card from the Van Saar and the ‘Effigy of the Damned’ card from the Cawdor.

Victory Points and scenarios
The tournament will have 4 rounds. Winning a round is worth 3 VPs, a draw is worth 1 VP and a defeat 0 VP.
The Scenarios will be announced on the day.
This will not be treated as a campaign and as such the campaign aspects of the scenarios will not be applicable.
The player with the most VPs at the end of the day wins!

Registration: 09:30-09:50
Round 1: 10:00-11:30
Round 2: 11:45-13:15
Lunch: 13:15 -14:00
Round 3: 14:15-16:15
Round 4: 16:15-17:45

Please feel free to message below with your REAL names or Whatsapp me on: Liam 0823655116

His name is Liam Fishwick
His name is Liam Fishwick
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