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BLOOD BOWL SA Open 11-12 May 2019

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:01 am
by DaImp
The second South African Blood Bowl Open takes place on 11 - 12 May 2019. The venue will be announced in the coming months, but it will be in Johannesburg.

Reserve your place at the tournament and claim the pre-booking entry fee

Pre Booked (must be paid for and teams submitted by 4 May):
entry fee will be R100 for non NAF members (includes sign up gift)
And R50 for NAF Members
Coaches paying on the day:
entry fee will be R150 for non NAF members (includes sign up gift)
And R100 for NAF Members

Teams allowed:
The official list of NAF approved teams can be found here:

Tournament scoring:
The tournament will be scored using the Swiss system, with coaches being matched according to
their ranking in the tournament. Teams are ranked first by tournament points, then by TD difference,
then by Casualty difference.
Points are earned for each game played as follows:
Points: Win = 5 / Draw = 2 / Lost = 0 / Conceed = -5*
*(A concession will be counted for touchdowns and casualties as 2:0 each for the opponent.)
Tournament bonus point: Printed roster +1 / Fully painted and based team +1

Team tiers:
The different races the SA Open are divided into four tiers.
Tier 1
Amazons, Bretonnians, Chaos Dwarves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Norse, Orcs,
Skaven, Undead, Wood Elves
Tier 2
Chaos Renegades, Elf Union, High Elves, Humans, Khemri, Necromantic
Tier 3
Daemons of Khorne, Chaos, Nurgle’s Rotters, Slann, Underworld Denizens, Vampires
Tier 4
Goblins, Halflings, Ogres

The tournament will be played as a resurrection tournament. All injuries, including deaths, will be cleared after every game. Teams at the SA Open will be built and will gain improvements (additional skills or stat upgrades) according to their placement in the tier system above. The composition of all teams and all improvements to be taken must be submitted before the tournament.

Team building
Coaches must spend a minimum of 1,100,000 gold pieces when building their team.
When building your team, you may buy:
At least 11 standard roster players before any star player
0-8 Re-Rolls
Assistant coaches
0-1 Apothecary or Igor, depending on race
0-9 Fan Factor
Inducements. The cost will be as following and will count for all 6 games:
0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs for each 50 kgp
0-3 Bribes for each 100 kgp, for Goblins only for each 50 kgp
0-1 Masterchef for 300 kgp, for Halflings only 100 kgp
0-2 NAF-approved star players for their regular cost
Wizards, (in)famous coaching staff and/or Special Play Cards are explicitly not allowed at the SA Open

Additional cash
Each team receives additional funding based on their tier. Day 1 cash can be used for team building (as above) or used to buy skills or a mixture of both. Cash for day 2 can only be spent on skills in advance of that day.
Tier 1
Day 1 - 60 000gp
Day 2 - 40 000gp (before game 4)

Tier 2
Day 1 - 100 000gp
Day 2 - 50 000gp (before game 4)

Tier 3
Day 1 - 150 000gp
Day 2 - 50 000gp (before game 4)

Tier 4
Day 1 - 150 000gp
Day 2 - 70 000gp (before game 4)

A ‘normal’ skill costs 20 000gp
A ‘double’ skill costs 30 000gp

Tiers 1-3
are limited to one double skill during the tournament

Tier 4 may have more than one double skill
Your roster can have one player that has two additional skills. Both skills must be normal skills and the second skill has a cost of 30,000 gold pieces. These skills can be added at different times in the event.
Tier 4 may buy a single stat upgrade.
This cannot be combined with any other additional skill.
+MA / AV costs 40,000 gold pieces,
+AG 50,000 gold pieces and
+ST 60,000 gold pieces.

Star players may not receive additional skills or stat upgrades
The Skill "Piling On" will not be used
All gold left unspent each day is lost, and does not carry over to subsequent days.

Registration: 9:30
Game 1: 10:00-12:00
Lunch: 12:00-13:00
Game 2: 13:00-15:00
Game 3: 15:15-17:15
Game 4: 10:00-12:00
Lunch: 12:00-13:00
Game 5: 13:00-15:00
Game 6: 15:15-17:15
Prize Giving: 17:30

Games must be played within 2 hours, no play will be allowed after the cut-off time. After an hour of
play a general notice will be given that you should be starting your second half. If you have not started
the second half yet please speed up your play. It is recommended that all players use the 4 minute
per turn rule - there are several apps that can time this, I recommend Game Time on the iPhone.

Re: BLOOD BOWL SA Open 11-12 May 2019

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:01 am
by DaImp
Coaches attending:

Re: BLOOD BOWL SA Open 11-12 May 2019

PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:39 pm
by DaImp
For the coaches who will be attending, reserve your place at the tournament and claim the pre-booking entry fee here -

Re: BLOOD BOWL SA Open 11-12 May 2019

PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 6:09 pm
by DaImp
Announcing the addition of the Player's Trophy for the top performer on Saturday and Sunday - this is a trophy that is given out on both days to the top performing player on that day.