BattleCon 2019, Underworlds Tournament, 28th September, CT

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BattleCon 2019, Underworlds Tournament, 28th September, CT

Postby GeriatricGit » Wed Aug 28, 2019 2:57 pm

Hi all. We'll be hosting a weekend of gaming at the end of September called BattleCon. There'll be multiple events running (of which this is one) and also some room for casual gaming which will expand once the main events finish at around 5pm on the Saturday. Herewith the details for the Warhammer Underworlds event. Note that due to space constraints, sign-up slots are limited for all of the events.

Date: Saturday, 28th September 2019

Venue: Hellenic Community Centre, 24 Bay Rd, Mouille Point, Cape Town, 8005

Entrance: R100

Spots available: 16

Tickets available here: ... nt-tickets


Registration: 9:00 till 9:30
Round One: 9:30 till 11:00
Round Two: 11:15 till 12:45
Lunch: 12:45 till 13:30
Round Three: 13:30 till 15:00
Round Four (if needed): 15:15 till 16:45
Prize ceremony: 17:00

What to bring:
Warband (Official Citadel Miniatures)
Deck (Sleeved)
Dice (official dice only)
Official Game Boards

Tournament setup:
Swiss Rounds only
90 min rounds
Best of 3

Prize support: Official Warhammer Underworlds Q4 Kit

This event will use the Beta Grand Clash Rule regarding board usage. You may not use the same board side more than once in a match.

Tiebreakers will be Total Glory Difference

Tournament Software:
Underworlds Deckers

Find the rules and latest FAQ here:
Pandemonium Games

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