Into the Fray Multi-system Tournament 29/11 - 1/12 @ 3+ Club

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Into the Fray Multi-system Tournament 29/11 - 1/12 @ 3+ Club

Postby plxvandyk » Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:06 pm

Hey there! Threeplus Wargaming will be hosting our Annual Into the Fray tabletop gaming tournament weekend, happening at the Roosevelt Park Bowls Club late next month on the weekend of the 29th of November.

NOTE - edited to include basic details on the various systems being played

When: Friday 29 November (opening at about 17h00), Saturday 30 November and Sunday 1 December, opening at 08h30.
Where: Roosevelt Park Bowls Club, 51 Milner Avenue, Northcliff, Randburg
Entry Fee: R100 entrance for any one tournament, or R150 for the whole weekend if you are playing multiple systems.
Prizes: no-one goes away empty handed, we have a couple of nice prizes to give away, so you won’t be disappointed.
Other Stuff: Food, drink and secure parking will be available.
More Details: Further details on the exact rules for each system will follow shortly.

What next? – Reply to this email, or contact the respective event’s T.O (details below) and your spot can be secured!

We ensure that we have space for all pre-registered players as a minimum, so register now and don’t miss out on what’s promising to be a really fun event!

Reply to this post to book your spot NOW!

Events taking place at Into the Fray this year include:
Friday 29 November
Kill Team (Peter van Dyk –
○ 100 points, base rulebook units only, one list for the entire tournament, WYSIWYG, fully painted.
Blood Bowl 7’s (Gabriel Cross -
○ 610,000gp; 7 players minimum (11 max); max 4 "specialist" players (i.e. players with availability less than 0-12); re-rolls cost double listed cost; teams can purchase any BB2016-legal Inducements with starting gold (excluding Extra Team Training, Star Players and Extra Special Play Cards); any gold left in treasury is lost; no Team Value or Inducements other than those bought as part of the team roster; one player of coach's choice gets a free Normal Skill (excluding Leader and Piling On); bring printed rosters; Special Play Cards will not be used; coaches may argue the call; otherwise standard BB7s rules (smaller pitch, six turn halves, different kick-off table, etc); fully painted teams only.

Saturday 30 November
40k (Peter van Dyk –
○ 1250 points, 2 detachments max, forgeworld allowed if you have the model, no buildings in lists, books released prior to 1/11 are legal, counts-as in use, fully painted.
• Bolt Action (Rudy Joubert -
Warmachine (Eli Golovey -
○ 75 point Steamroller 2019 will be used with 1 exception, players will be classed as either tournament regular or not by the TO (no arguments will be entertained however those classed as not a tournament regular may opt to move to the tournament regular pool), games are as normal except when at tournament regular faces a non-regular. When that happens the non-regular will pick which list he/she wants to face.
Painting: Models do not need to be painted however front arcs must be painted on all models
Rounds: 3
Victory conditions: Baseline
Malifaux (Ryan Kidson -
○ 50ss, 3 Rounds. Fixed faction, Too Many Secrets, and Singles rules will be used.
Kings of War (Saul Smith -
○ 2000 points, standard V3 rules will apply.
Armies from uncharted empires, and twilight kin may be used using their old lists and CoK19 updates, magic Items from the new book only. If you are using one of these please send me your list 1 week before the event so I can assign unit strength to your units.

Sunday 1 December
X-wing (Peter van Dyk –
○ 200 points, 3 ships max of any one make (i.e. 3 x-wings, 3 a-wings, etc.), no huge ships, you must have at least 1x copy of any cards used in your squadron, updates prior to 1/11 are legal.
• Meg Pacto (Rudy Joubert -
Age of Sigmar (Walter Pruter -
○ 2000 points, 3 battleline units, fully painted
• Infinity (Ben van der Merwe -
Necromunda (Liam Fishwick -
○ 1250 points, Resurrection Format, Sector Mechanicus, using Rulebook p115 one–day event example rules with one exception: that you can purchase Rare(10) or below, additional skills and advances do count towards points total. Black Market trading post and Illegal hired guns and hangers-on are allowed, just ignore the outlaw rule and change “illegal” to “Rare”. WYSIWYG as possible. Fully painted. Tactics cards will be used. Full rules pack to follow.

Peter van Dyk
Club Chairman
3+ Wargaming Club
Cell: 082-555-9611
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Re: Into the Fray Multi-system Tournament 29/11 - 1/12 @ 3+

Postby DaImp » Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:48 am

I'm in for Blood Bowl and Kings of War
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Re: Into the Fray Multi-system Tournament 29/11 - 1/12 @ 3+

Postby plxvandyk » Fri Nov 22, 2019 12:36 pm

REMINDER - this is for next week; if you want to attend, please let me know.

We'll also be hosing demo games of Star Wars Legion; let me know if you'r ekeen for that :)
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